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Hey I'm Brianna. Florida bound. My passion lies within the ocean. Soccer is my life. Party hard is the way to live.

Anonymous: Shit okay, I'm gonna hold you to that. See ya when you get here

Lol why so surprised


Lamborghini Aventador | photographer

Anonymous: You live on long island?😳how about you come over and we'll uhhhhh hang out 😏

Ha yea born and raised. 😂

Anonymous: Can we hangout when you come to fl?


jaytrip: can i have a close up to your tattoos please

Which one or of all of them?

its-a-miranda-thing: You should do a "Would You Rather" video! Have people send in options, and answer them on a video! :) Also, I've had a fat crush on you since I started following you back in... February or so. 👍

First off that’s cute thanks. I could do that. Would you guys want a a would you rather video ?

Playing catch with April
dannydino11: Omgomg hello Brianna. I just wanted to say ur so kawaii and u have an amazing personality. 🙈

Hey fuck face, Omg Danny you’re so attractive 😍 is your head like shaved I think it’s hot. Where you you and other lesbians get tight pants

jasminelizettegarza: You're seriously so fucking cute ☺️

You’re seriously so sweet!