watching a girl take off her shirt has got to be one of the most satisfying things ever

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Q: Your such a gnarly person! Btw we have the same phone case lol

lol its an awesome phone case i dont blame you! thanks!

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Q: You are indeed a cutie!!!

thank you

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Q: ya um officer.. go buy a new one cause you make 4x what i make you fuck fuck human

lol no no im not i’m a SPC ! I’m saying Officers dont care

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Q: hey heyyyy 25b is commo or IT? .. or same thing?

It’s IT but officers think its the same thing lol.. they will be like fix my toaster .. ummm thats not my fucking job

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Q: I saw a girl that looked just like you but was blonde and my heart skipped a beat when she walked by!

lol whys that? 

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